Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hah...this is late...

Yeah, I'm home! :0 I got back about four months ago, and I'm JUST doing this now... ^_^;

Here's a summary of what happened...

I got home, I got a mega virus on the computer and got grounded for the summer, watched Rou-Rou over the summer instead while she was teething (x_x), blah blah blah I'm now in High School and the end. ...Yeah. That's about it.

Sooo...yeah. High School. Not fun.


I clame this blog in the name of ANIME!!!! [so it's gonna move away from China for a while...]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, we went to the Electronics Market!!! =D

And I got a PSP!!!! It's black and M-AZING!!!

And I got two DS games, "Quiz Kimekime Staaroodo!" and "Heroes of Mana." They're both in Japanese with lots of Kanji. T_T It'd prolly help if the script didn' t go that fast, or I could read it! ^_^;

Lolz, PSP keeps freezing on me and sometimes it won't turn on. Ah well, it's awesome, so I'm happy! (oh yeah, and the memory stick came with a ton of games, but the only one I wanna play is Naruto! xD)

(english translation of previous post NOT ENGLISH REMAKE!!!)

If I remember far far away~ Aah, the future...was shining on everywhere! Beneath the beautiful We were, just a little afraid!

The window will be tinted...a nostalgic color!

If we advance forth can we ever meet again?~ Aah, the future...goes on everywhere! Beneath the large...signboard. I want to, keep watching the eras changing!

Hidden away...
My heart's a battleground...

I will open a window...the people and places I can't see again!

If I remember far far away~ Aah, the future...was shining on everywhere! Beneath the beautiful We were, just a little afraid!

My lies...

Beneath the

-Translation of Passion by Utada Hikaru (courtesy of Anime Lyrics Dot Com)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To the Electronics Market We Gooooo!!!!!!!

Yoosh!!! We're goin' to the Electronics Market today, where you can get ONE DOLLAR DS GAMES AND TWENTY DOLLAR VIDEO IPODS!!!!!!! It's gonna be m-azing!!!!! I SO can't wait! ^_________________________^

*jumps up and down uncontrollably* Yoosh! Yoosh! Yoosh! Yoosh!

Omoidasuba haruka haruka~ Aah, mirai wa...doko mademo kagayaiteta! Kirei na aozora no Bokura wa, sukoshi dake obieteita!

Natsukashii iro ni...mado ga somaru!

Mae wo muitereba mata aemasu ka?~ Aah, mirai wa...doko edemo tsudzuiterunda! Ookina kanban no Jidai no, utsuroi wo miteitai na!

My heart's a battleground...

Nido to aenu hito ni basho ni...mado wo akeru!

Omoidasuba haruka haruka~ Aah, mirai wa...doko mademo kagayaiteta! Kerei na aozora no Bokura wa, sukoshi dake obeiteita!

My lies...

Aozora no

-Passion by Utada Hikaru

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I now know how it feels to "shop 'till you drop..." (今すぐ知ってどのように感じて私を"店までをドロップ...")

Seriously! Oh my GOSH!!! We went with our personal shopper (Mom, Jen, and I) to go shopping, and it was only supposed to take us two hours. It took four.

We got Jade necklaces, pearl necklaces, dresses, parasols, fans, wedding cases, calligraphy sets, and an anime watch. You'd think that'd take us two hours, but they had to string the pearls...there was about ten for mom and I and about the same for Jen. That took around two hours itself! =_=

Ah well, it was fun...mostly. Lolz


真剣に! あらま!!! 私たちがわれわれの個人的な買い物客(ママ, Jen, と私)に買い物に行く, これは2つの時にのみ問い合わせを取るはずです. 4つのかかった.

私たちは玉のネックレス, パールネックレス, ドレス, パラソル, ファン, 結婚式の場合, 書道セットと, アニメビデオです. あなたもそう思う問い合わせ2つの時間を取るなら, しかし, 彼らは真珠を文字列にする...があった約10のお母さんと私とJenについては, 同じです. 周りには2つの時間そのもの! =_=

ああええと, それは楽しかった...ほとんどです. 大爆笑だ


Monday, May 12, 2008

Hahaha...Time Zones Rule...

Hey! Since the time zones are about 13 hours apart, what was now May 12th over here is now May 12th over there!

In simple terms, it's still my birthday!!!!

Crazy, huh? =3 Ah well, happy birthday to me again!!!!!!


おい!以来、タイムゾーンは、約13時間おいて、何が5月12日今すぐここでは現在、 5月12日に!


クレイジー、ホですか?=3 ああええと、ハッピーバースデーをメイン再び!!!!!!




Please watch this!!!!! ^

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Proof That I'm Mature...

Do I seriously look like I'm an adult? These MIGHT answer it...

- A lady remarked that Mom looked like my sister...

- For Mother's Day, only the moms got chocolate...I GOT CHOCOLATE! ...

- For hotel rooms, I *apparently* have my own room. Shweet...

And let's not forget the most surprising!

-I WAS SERVED VODKA!!!! =O (of course I didn't drink it! I'm not a child alcoholic! D=<) Stay tuned for more details while I'm in Guangzou! =D And again, I DID NOT DRINK THE VODKA!!!!!!

Do I Overuse Emotes? =D (Emote)

(^o_o^) <--- kitsune


=(^o_o^)= <--- Neko